A Weekend Devoid of Wildness!: The Start of the NFL Playoffs

This NFL season has provided several surprises, from a high profile scandal with former MVP Adrian Peterson, to the implosion of the ENTIRE NFC South, to the resurgence of the *sigh* Dallas Cowboys.

With the start of Wild-Card weekend upon us, fans of football everywhere are looking forward to edge of the seat, questionable call, dream shattering football. Unfortunately, this weekend may not live up to the hype.

For starters, an NFC South team hosts a team with a winning record. If Goodell plans on expanding the playoffs next year, he’d better get rid of potential situations like this. What’s more, that team with the winning record? They’ll possibly be starting 3rd string quarterback Ryan Lidley (in place of the injured Drew Stanton..in place of the injured Carson Palmer). I’m crying tears of boredom just thinking about it.

Cardinals-13 Panthers-16

Next we have the Pittsburg Steelers taking on Archrival Baltimore in an AFC North cage match! Too bad all of the players who made this rivalry fun, aren’t playing in this game. Either that, or they’ve become too old to make much difference and have faded into obscurity. While the Steelers have seemingly leveled out, showing extreme signs of consistency, the Ravens have been anything but. Well, they’re consistently inconsistent. This will be mildly entertaining. On Twitter.

Ravens-13 Steelers-20

Two teams pegged as “playoff teams” but have recently shown to be ONLY playoff teams, face off Sunday in the Cincinnati Bengals and Indianapolis Colts. The Colts have gone 1-4 this season against playoff teams, getting completely dominated by everyone but Denver. The Bengals on the other hand have gone 3-4-1 against playoff teams, a misleading stat as two of those teams are from their own division. While Denver beat Indy, Indy beat Cincy who…beat Denver? Yeah. I seriously expect this game to end in a draw. Kinda

Bengals-20 Colts-24

The game that provides the most intrigue, if for no other reason than to see Dallas fail, is the Cowboys Vs. the Lions. Enter Romo, Murray and Bryant, the modern day Aikman, Smith and Irvin. Don’t worry, I haven’t fallen into that ridiculous narrative, but it’s hard to argue against them. Each of them are having career years, which would be a shame if they are one-and-done *crosses fingers*. The Lions are something else entirely. They’re like one huge…Jay Cutler. We know they have the talent, but for whatever reason, they never “wow” you with it, and make ridiculous mistakes that make people say “that’s such a Lions play.” For what it’s worth, Calvin Johnson is healthy and watching him and Dez at the same time promises the only real exciting match-up for this weekend.

Lions-28 – Dallas-34


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